How can I connect firebase on my all-existing screen?

What information do you want to share between screens when a user is registered? and the same question when he/she is logged.

I want to display the name of the user that he register, then when he log in I want it to display in profile screen.

But i also need to display another thing in the profile like the list of order of user like that. but for now i want to focus on how can ishare the username or nickname that user register across the screen.

You can store the userName once he/she has been registered successfully. Before to change to other screen.

this is what I did. is this possible to it's not?


It would be better if you use the userName for the tag and you store the rest of data associated to that user under that tag (for example, like a list). So, you can recover any data of the user searching by that tag.

Was it the textbox that handle username, right? like this?


I think it would be easier using a list (or a dictionary):

and then, in other screen when you need the data, you can recover the element you want:

It's work thanks

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