HM-10 not pairing

I am totally new to AI2, sorry if this is a dumb question. I am trying to pair HM-10 bluetooth module with my android phone via AI2. I followed the "MIT App Inventor + IoT: Basic Bluetooth Connection Setup" guide and when I click "Scan" on the phone app nothing ever shows up. I have the HM-10 Module on (it is blinking). I CAN connect to it using dabble and BLE Scanner, but can NOT connect using AI2.I attached my code and pdf of my project. Any help is appreciated, finding a solution is time sensitive.

PDF Guide:
MIT_App_Inventor_Basic_Connection.pdf (596.8 KB) [|attachment]

Extention for BLE (Used for HM-10?)
(upload://lFZb2ZPrtnjFNjVDaQRaClO7Sb4.aix) (178.3 KB)

Screenshots of my app:

Maybe you can get some ideas from