Hi I'm in trouble. I need help and any extension for this:

Let me explane you, I just dis an aplication with a log in and save the data in a Spedsheet after that I did another screen and in this one there is a form where the users have to put their personal data but I can't read the data previosly charged I mean I can't validate the data as password, name, url.

Please show your relevant blocks, and why do you think you need an extension?

Hi, thanks for asking. I think that I need an extension cause in my opinion there isn't a solution for this but maybe I'm confuse. Give a time and I send you the blocks

first send the information like this
then when I try validate the information i do like this

but i can´t connect and read the information

Please show your google apps script (as text)

var ssId = "1-wa6iHJSkF50ir0tJ839lZmiDRYBNpo7018EEkBmU3Y";

function doGet(e) {

  var accion = e.parameter.accion;

  var columna2 = e.parameter.num;

  var valores = e.parameter.valores;

  var datos = buscar(accion, columna2, valores);

  var respostaJSON = JSON.stringify(datos);


  return ContentService




function buscar(accion, columna2, valores) {

  var sh = SpreadsheetApp.openById(ssId);

  var sheet = sh.getSheetByName("DataBase"); // Change "Sheet1" to the actual sheet name


  if (accion === "contar") {

    var numpreg = sheet.getLastRow() - 1; // Count all rows except the header row

    var resultado = { "accion": "contar", "numpreg": numpreg };

    return resultado;



  if (accion === "anadir") {

    var datos = valores.split(',');


    return { "accion": accion, "valores": datos };



  if (accion === "consultar") {

    var datos = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();

    for (var i = 1; i < datos.length; i++) { // Start from the second row (excluding header)

      var row = datos[i];

      var num = row[0];

      if (num == columna2) {

        var resultado = {

          "accion": "consultar",

          "num": num,

          "columna2": row[1],

          "columna3": row[2],

          "columna4": row[3],

          "columna5": row[4],

          "columna6": row[5],

          "columna7": row[6]


        return resultado;





  return { "num": "" }; // Return an empty object if no match or unrecognized action


Yes, your script is the problem, you call return before getting any data together.

hey, could you help me? cause I've copied it from a video but I don't understand a lot recently I started with programming...

I can have a look in detail in a couple of hours

okey. thanks a lot. Take your time

Have had a chance to look at things. Actually, there is not too much wrong with the google apps script, other than the naming of the sheet - it is not the spreadsheet name but the sheet name. This is why the script is failing.

Why have you put the spreadsheet in the bin ?

Most of the issues are with your blocks.

  1. You can use a web component to send values to the spreadsheet, not a webviewer. However, if you have a google apps script web app, why not use that to upload values to your spreadsheet?
  2. I cannot see your full script url, but you do not appear to be sending any of the parameters required?
  3. You also need to call the url in your web component with the Web1.GET block (another reason why it doesn't work)

You may want to look at this instead?