Help with Video Player

Is there any way to use youtube as the source of the video?

You can possibly use activity starter, but there is an extension that might be better in that it plays in-App:

This topic may be will help you @Jon_Stier

Salman Dev


… yes, in the newer Android versions you can use the App Inventor Web Component and set it’s home URL to YouTube or your YouTube playlist - tested on Samsung S8/Android 9.

I think, unless you have specific control of the YouTube content to be viewed, it is better to deliver your media with the App or as a one-off download on App installation. YouTube is generally a moving target.

Thank you everyone. I’ve decided to go with uploading and packaging the videos with the app.
Does anyone know of a good tutorial or the location of a .aia to get a video player going?

Can anyone tell me what the max size for a video is on the code server?

Hi Jon

“Small”. Small because the total size of your project must be under 10MB. If your App has a lot of media to deliver, have the User download it at install time.

on the “code” server your maximum apk can be 50mb.

This is all you need:


Almost 96 MB, depending on how big is your app (APK) without the video, see here:
(100 MB - APK size without video)