Help using DeepLinks extension by Ken

I'm developing a portfoflio app with AppInventor and I was trying to use a WebViewer component to browse some sites with a url similar to

But I get an error of type ERR_UNKNOWN URL_SCHEME when I try to browse that website.
After some research, I found out there's an extension that perhaps could help me to browse that URL in my App. The extension is called "DeepLinks" and it has been developed by Ken. I downloaded it from here. I've imported it into my App but it's the first time I use an extension in AppInventor and I'm a bit lost. Do I need to keep the original WebViewer besides the new (hidden) DeepLink component?

Τry this extension :point_down:

And this is a brief example :point_down:

And aia file :point_down:
DeepsLinks.aia (6,1 KB)

Ιn case you do not know how to import aia file then see this :point_down:

Thanks for the response. I've imported the aia, but this app just shows the url in a label in the main screen. What do I need to do now in order to browse the website pointed in that URL? Do I need to include a webviewer element ?

Sorry I made a mistake :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: in the code :point_down:
DeepsLinks.aia (6,0 KB)

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Yes, after registering webviewer component in the extension, you have to do other things as usual.

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