Help to create App (to read back the information received from an Arduino)

I need help creating an app in MIT APP INVENTOR. The app consists of receiving data or information (text, sentences) from the Arduino and after receiving this information, it vocalizes it. I'm having a lot of difficulties, I really need help.

Show us everything.


There are so many threads in this community about communication between Arduino and an App Inventor app

As a start, what about doing a search for Arduino here in the community?


Btw this is an international community
Before upliading some blocks, it would be great, if you could switch the language to English before taking a screenshot. .

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Well, if you read yourself, what you are uploading, you will find out, that the upload failed somehow...

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PS: let ne suggest you to try it again...

Use the TextToSpeech component to allow your captured text information out load when you are finished receiving the information.