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So it's something else that make us lose

and end up with

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When importing an aia file with a not allowed name, for example "example1 (1).aia" and it offers me an alternative correct name it seems to go into an infinite project import loop, offering me new names over and over again, each time I agree to import the project with the offered name.

Import the aia:

It offers me an alternative name. I accept (the project is imported):

This new popup is displayed. I click on "OK" and then it offers me a new alternative name again (??). If I click here "Cancel" then I can continue normally with my imported project but it doesn't seem very intuitive to click Cancel there:

The popup with the new alternative project name (if clicked OK before):

and so on...


ai2-test has been updated with a bunch of fixes. On the UI side:

  • scrolling to the bottom of Neo style
  • the name alternative handling for project import
  • tooltip for hidden components (eyeball) checkbox in Neo
  • proposed new icon and placement for Project Properties button in Neo
  • Text on Settings button in Neo
  • Media upload button should work

Not fixed:

  • Alignment of MockForm on Windows (this is fixed but not on ai2-test yet)
  • Format of apk download popup in Neo
  • weird behavior of palette categories when Toolkit property is changed
  • malformed help URLs
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This is working perfect for me.

And I like the new icon for Project Properties.
Thank you!

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Sample run

Are you sure that the I-beam is the proper cursor for expanding or closing a pulldown?

It makes me wonder if it is asking for text input.

Dark Mode

Is Dark Mode supposed to be enabled?

bottom clipping

Still can't make out the names of the components under the screen mock.

P.S. Are MIT lawyers Trisolarians?

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I am losing an inch of Blocks WorkSpace pane at the bottom.
bottom inch lost in blocks editor

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In production, you'll notice that there's a link to an accessibility document on the footer. MIT lost (or settled?) a lawsuit on disabled accessibility to its sites. We need that accessibility to link to be as visible as possible.

Aren't lawyers as a species hostile?

It's looking like dark mode will not be ready for this release. I'll remove the link before it goes out.