Help on TableView Extension by ken

I'm new here. Tring to make an app using the noted extension. here I'm tiring to display data in table view from google sheet. but I got stuck in table display, showing a blank column. here is the image of my data, blocks and app result.

google sheet data

looking forward for a solution of this problem.
Thanks in advance......

Several problems, I will prepare an example project for you....

Thanks.. eagerly waiting to see that........


Designer(for Tableview properties):


Ensure that your google sheet cell contents do not contain any commas ,

Thank you for your effort. let me try as you suggested. I'll provided feedback after trying.
Appreciate your quick response.

Thanks TIM. your suggestion worked. now I've set my blocks like this.

And the result is

But I've some more quires. such as

  1. Can I fixed the table Header?
  2. Also can I remove some Column which exists in google sheet.
  3. Is it possible to make an search bar in table view like filterbar in listview. (put a text box and insert info. to search if it exists in the tableview)

Will be glad if you give me some example blocks for my quires like earlier.

  1. Yes, if you use version 4 of the extension, takes a little setting up. (but it will not give you a synchronised horizontal scroll)
  2. Yes, you can manipulate the csv table that is returned to remove the columns you do not want
  3. Yes, you could create a custom filter bar that searched the underlying data

WIll take some time and effort to put all that together....

On second thoughts, you may have more success (and find it easier to create) using @Kevinkun 's Tableviewer extension:

(read everything, and use the latest version)

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