Help Me Please! (Teachable Machine & Personal Classifier)

Hello everyone.I need help with my app. I want to simply make a plant classification app in mit.I use both teachable machine and personal classifier . But I have a problem with blocks .I want to store classified image in tinydb and use it for another screen to show. But I can't store it perfectly and it always show Ada that is the first class of my model.I want to add one more thing that I also want to extract only the name from the list.Can anyone help me?Could you please fix the error in the app and reupload it?

app link

You cannot store an image in a TinyDB.

You might find this extension useful:

i just want to store the name after it is classified then use it for another screen

On your 'another screen' do you have a TinyDB control? You need it to query the TinyDB under the Tag result (that is the Tag you saved it to in your GotClassification Block) to perhaps a Label on the Screen of your 'another screen'

I share the app link. Could you please help me to fix it?

App link

The format of the GotClassification Block is a List so when you save to TinyDB you have to save a List or result.

Another issue may be your use of set global result to get result is confusing; change global result to something like global myResults because the classifier does not provide a single value but a List with percentages.

When in your Discover screen you have

the valueIfTanNotThere should be a List . Again, do not use global result; give it a different name for the global list.