[HELP] Free SMS for a emergency app

Good morning, I'm Yossef.
Today I come to ask for help in an ambitious project that I am working on, it is an emergency APP, if you are in a moment of danger you can access a series of tools: flashlight, alarm, emergency numbers, map of your location and the last function that is the one I am working on and where I have the problem. It would be the option of being able to send an SMS to a telephone number of your choice. Free .

Example: Hi, I'm {your name}, I'm in danger.
I leave you my location {current address}

I know SMS arent free but there are some apis that can help me , but idk how to use it

A phone account and number is needed to send and receive Text messages using Blocks.

Extensions can send a Text message using a third party server; none of them that I am aware are FREE.

The Texting component documentation Texting indicates

" If the GoogleVoiceEnabled property is true, messages can be sent over Wifi using Google Voice. This option requires that the user have a Google Voice account and that the mobile Voice app is installed on the phone. The Google Voice option works only on phones that support Android 2.0 (Eclair) or higher. Unfortunately, receiving no longer works in Google Voice due to changes introduced in Google Voice App. ".

The Google Voice feature has never worked for me but GoogleVoice might work for you. You might try GV and let us know if it works.

Perhaps other developers will share their experiences using GoogleVoice to send Text (sms) messages. Sorry, I can not tell you how to get it to work or know for sure it works. :cry:

If you are in danger, it's not the priority to consider the helping sms is free or not.

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Okey , then , how i simply send an sms ?

Hey @Yossef_Errazik! There are two ways you can do this:

Firstly, you can send the SMS using your own SIM card (provided your carrier plan includes this service ofcourse) using the Texting component of AI2.


Seondly, you can use third party API services like sms77.io that have free plans that allow you to send messages by triggering a URL through the web component but that will require an active internet connection.

How i can send an sms without opening the app ? Just press a button and send an sms

Using Blocks you cannot send an sms without opening the app. Your app has to run in the background constantly to even attempt something you hope to do. You might be able to use an extension to run your app as a service.

You might want to do something like this:

Presently the SMS is broken on the main App Inventor server. MIT says they hope to have the fix on the main server in early February. :cry:

I use code.appinventor , it dont work too?

The code. server does not work with the Texting component either. Hopefully it will be fixed by 15 February too.

The test server apparently works with SMS now http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/ This server is really only for TESTING. The test server has the fix but you also need to use the test server companion app.

Ok, but I don't understand why there are so many domains, I've been using APPINVENTOR for 4 months and I've already discovered several domains, code, ai2, alexa. What is the best server?