Help for this game

figter_jet_fighting.aia (377.4 KB)
like the asteriod will hit the plane and when it does so the life of the plane minus 1.
if the asteriod reach the edge, the game is over
and the bullets need to hit the asteriod. the score is the number of asteriod hit
Idk what the app is so weird
plssss help

Please study these blocks, some of them are yours, others are my corrections ...

I did not get a chance to test.


it works
but when the astorid collide with the plane, the life of plane label doesn't change
and the score isn't changing
and when I click restart, it doesn;t change back to the game screen

can u help again?
plsss help

@Nicholas, here you go.

Hope this helps!

Last night, I answered in a rush, right before bed time.
I fixed the sprite in list of bullets error, but plugged a hole in that event off the top of my head.
I should have left it empty, for you to fill in:

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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I am unsure about how your game is supposed to work.

Are the bullets trying to hit the plane, or is the plane using the bullets to hit the asteroid?

If the plane is shooting the bullets, where is the fire button?