Help Arduino Phone Connection

What do you get in the OutputText Label?

The output text remains as "Connection opened" after starting the USB connection. It doesn't change with any command given from the admin side. And I know that the connection from the user side to the Arduino is functional, because I can open and close with buttons on the user phone.

Can you put here a snapshot of the ADMIN device blocks and another snapshot of the USER device blocks?



Use the same TOKEN and ProjectID in both apps, the ADMIN app and the USER app.



The MIT CloudDB is there for testing only, for your final Project you need to setup your own Cloud using Redis software:

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@Juan_Antonio @ChrisWard @uskiara

Thank you all for your knowledge and help in this matter.

I have a functioning program exactly as I needed. And more experience to help with future projects.

Now just to sort out the server.

Hi @ArduingoAteYoBaby,
that's the community !!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Cheers, Ugo.