Help about FilterBar on ListView

Good evening, and happy Easter (for anyone celebrating)
is there any way to send a specific text in the search box of the ListView???

No, but see here:

thank’s :+1:

sorry again, as i already tell you i’m so young to all of this,
my mind is about to explode,
I’m trying to get it to work,
as long as it works with local list it works perfectly, as soon as I declare a global list while it brings me all the elements of the list, but as soon as I select something, it doesn’t go to the right selectionindex
a few step back is like this

help me plz before my mind became confetti

Does index 2 of each item in “global table” return a boolean true or false ?


Also, if the length of list “global currency” does not equal the length of list “global table” then your selection.index will not match.

return True as the second col in every line is not empty

You are right, it does, but it shouldn’t! :wink: Would be better to use the logic “not” and text “isEmpty” blocks for this.

I can try it,
it just works perfectly for me so far,
with how to connect it, you can help me plz

Like so:


but it is likely the problem is not here, but in your length of lists “table” and “currency” not being the same:


i am sure that you can see something that i can’t,
i hope you understand what i try to do in the project