Great projects for beginners

Hey all, I'm looking for simple programs for students to be introduced to App Inventor. Most of my students are brand new into coding. If you have any ideas that I could incorporate into my classroom, I would appreciate it.

Hi Thomas,

It would be great if you can introduce to them some official tutorials by MIT App Inventor, such as the Get Started guide, and a list of beginner tutorials located here: Our Tutorials!. If they need help, they can take a look at the documentations or sign up to this forum; we will be happy to help them.

You can also find some free books and resources here: Guardar y recuperar casilla de texto y casillas de verificación - #2 by SteveJG.



The game of Nim is simple.

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Here are many examples, they are in Spanish, you can adapt it to another language.

Gordon, I have been using the beginners tutorials regularly in the class. I'm looking at other ideas one can use as well. Thanks for the support.

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Gordon and others provided you with a great start; here are some more:

The community posts tutorials on various topics; most of these are advanced Projects some might be appropriate for you Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community

You can search the discussions in the MIT App Inventor Help for those that post aia project files; frequently aia's are posted in the discussions that provide solutions to developer's question. These are not tutorials but provide sometime useful source code.

Taifun's App Inventor Tutorials | Pura Vida Apps and App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps can be the basis for beginning Projects.

or your student's can just post a question in this community asking how to do something and someone will provide advice. :astonished:

More Projects> Tutorials | imagnity

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