Google's 20 testers requirement

hey how can i opt?

I need a couple testers! I'd be glad in exchange the favor!
Sing up in the group

Then you can download the app

drop your information and i'll do the same for you

Hello Everyone
Dont worry about this problem. I got a solution:

Our team has developed a app where people will test each others apps and everyone will get the 20 testers for FREE

  1. Download testers community app from play store (will be available from 14/03/2024)
  2. Login and add your app links there
  3. Within a day you will get 20 testers
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Hello, everyine, kindly send me your email id
To test your app

Kindly, add my email id to test your app

You test my app I will do for same for your app
We need help to each other

Hope you are doing well.I got the solution to get 20 testers for 14 days.

just download the testers community app from playstore and post your links there

Why not Amazon?

hey i didnt understand what you are asking. But yeah you can join our community and get 20 testers for 14 days. Our app link is Testers Community

By: Why not Amazon, I mean maybe someone can share the apps there without all that...fuss with the 20 testers. I think you know that...

please join my test many thanks . reply with your links and I will join your test

Join on Android:

Join on the web:

Don't you think we need a mechanism for Android developers to help each other? I have experienced closed testing and I thought I had learned my lesson. So I created a mechanism for developers to exchange tests without the need to message each other.

Please try to use it. Many developers are starting to use it and release apps, but I need your help for this mechanism.

If you are interested in my thoughts, please read the article I have written.

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Hi Inventors,
Google Play requests developers to gather 20 testers in order to publish their applications since Nov13 2023.
Does any one know whether there are some groups being testers helping each other for publishing their application ?

I know it's already late, but I created an app that allows developers to help each other more easily. I myself used and released 5 apps. Exchange tests with developers without exchanging messages. Please use it if you have the opportunity.


Please read the development story if you are interested. AndroidDevelopersPayForward ~20 Testers for free - zmsoft

I have developed app called Kode Pos Offline 2024 (Offline Postal Code 2024).
This app created to help Indonesia people to get postal code of their resident address.
I am in publishing this app to app store but I got difficulties to get 20 users to have test for this app.
Currently only 10 users reported by google already test this app which it need minimal 20 users to have test for this app.

This app using Simple SQL as local database to store postal code data.
I provided some screenshot to make you familiar to this app as follow:

If you want to help having test on this app you could inform me your google/gmail account in order I need to grant your gmail account first to be able to access the app testing link below:


you could give me access to your app link first.
My google account [removed - please do not share personal details on the forum; use personal messages instead]
I will try to help to test your app.

hi, did you make it.. i need testers to and i exchange the favor!

hi contact me on [mod edit: personal info removed, using private messaging] i need testers to :slight_smile:

To publish the application on Google console, I need at least 20 testers . I will be grateful if friends send me their gmail to introduce them as a tester

Hi there,
I ask Testers Community to closed test my application "Season Clock".
20 testers for 14 days done.
After it I subscribed requested form. In those questions I can not write anything on how test is done, what improved Google requests.
Because I don't know who are testers how they tested and nothing email to me.

This is the Message from Google

Critical messageMore testing required to access Google Play production

We reviewed your application, and determined that your app requires more testing before you can access production.

Possible reasons why your production access could not be granted include:

  • Testers were not engaged with your app during your closed test
  • You didn't follow testing best practices, which may include gathering and acting on user feedback through updates to your app

Before applying again, test your app using closed testing for an additional 14 days with real testers.

For a full list of reasons, and to learn more about what we're looking for when evaluating apps for production, view the guidance.

[Go to App dashboard]

Thank you,

The Google Play Console Team

Connect with us

On the above, I have no idea how to finish Closed Test.
In same way as "Testers Community" it does gather 20 testers but substantial tests and results are not gained.
What helps developer to do closed test?

What shall I write the Google form after Closed Test without any information on how test is done what result is.