GooglePlayBilling - InAppBilling Extension - Library 5.0.0

GooglePlayBilling - InAppBilling Extension [PAID]

An in-app-billing extension to monetize your app products using google play store billing library 5.0.0.

Reminder: Starting on August 2, 2022, all new apps must use Billing Library version 4 or newer. By November 1, 2022, all updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 4 or newer. Learn more.

Start Connection

You must use this function to starts up BillingClient setup process asynchronously.

BillingServiceConnected: Sdk is ready run any billing operation.
BillingServiceDisconnected: Sdk is disconnected from billing service.

Billing Service Error

This event will be triggered when the extension got any error while doing any billing operation.

End Connection

Closes the connection and releases all held resources such as service connections.

Is Ready

Checks if the client is currently connected to the service, so that requests to other methods will succeed.

Is Subscription Supported

If feature is not supported then return false.

Product Type Property

Show In App Messages

If you've enabled in-app messaging, Google Play will show users messaging during grace period and account hold once per day and provide them an opportunity to fix their payment without leaving the app. We recommend that you call this API whenever the user opens the app to determine whether the message should be shown. If the user successfully recovered their subscription, you will receive purchase token. You should then use this purchase token to call the Google Play Developer API and refresh the subscription status in your app.

InAppMessageResponse: The subscription status changed. For example, a subscription has been recovered from a suspend state. Developers should expect the purchase token to be returned with this response code and use the purchase token with the Google Play Developer API.

Query Product Details

Performs a network query the details of products available for sale in your app. Set productIds and productTypes as list. Watch demo block for better understanding.

Get Product Information

Launch Purchase Flow

Initiates the billing flow for an in-app purchase or subscription.

Get Purchase Information

Consume Purchase

For consumables, this method fulfills the acknowledgement requirement and indicates that your app has granted entitlement to the user. This method also enables your app to make the one-time product available for purchase again.

Acknowledge Purchase

To acknowledge non-consumable purchases, use this function.

Query Purchases

Fetch for a user's subscription purchases. Returns only active subscriptions and non-consumed one-time purchases.

Query Purchase History

Returns the most recent purchase made by the user for each product, even if that purchase is expired, canceled, or consumed.

Example blocks

Learn more details


Thanks for your great feedback :heart:

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Please what is the difference between id product and skutype ,,
Where i can put my license key?? Give us an example

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On Sdk version 4.0.0, you don't need any license key, just use product id, and don't forget to put your app in internal testing on console.


Please answer me about the subscription in telegram , i need more details about your blocks

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very good job!

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Sdk updated to Library v5.0.0 and extension package name changed from InAppBilling to GooglePlayBilling.

Note: All new apps must use Billing Library version 4 or newer.