Google Admob says "Test" in my published app

Hello All,

My current app, "Lucky Texas Powerball" is available in the Google Play store. Unfortunately my app ad also says, "Test Ad: Nice job!" in the Ad Banner.

Things I have done to rectify this:

  1. Removed the TestMode check box in properties on MITAI2
  2. Updated new version of app with TestMode unchecked
  3. Copied and pasted ID from Admob to app
  4. Updated new version of app

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Well - I know I shouldn't reply to myself but I did figure out that the "Test" banner ad shows up just fine - this is great and all but just further confuses as to why the banner ad doesn't show when "test" is unchecked

Hello Joe

How are you adding Admob to your App? By following the codingbus video?

Yes, this is correct. I used the codingbus video. I followed all of the steps. Chose "Test" then published my app. I unchecked "test" and now nothing shows. If I recheck "test" the test banner shows back up. Confusing. Thank you

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I believe the "Test mode" of Google AdMob is a function that allows you to display test ads when you are still in production mode. When you are ready to publish the app, you should uncheck "Test mode".


In that video, he had used AdUnitId instead of where AppId should be used.

A discussion is done here :


Thank you, yes. I figured that out on my own. I switched the ID but still no go. Thank you for thread I will re-read it and try to find the issue.

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Are you sure ?

I found your app on PlayStore and the app's manifest has this id which is an adunit id.


Change that to app id. An app id consists of ~ in format of :


Then update your app in playstore.

See :

Also, make sure your account don't have any restrictions, have filled all the details. you should set up the app-ads.txt. Most user don't get admob working on their application because of this. There are lot of tutorial available on YouTube on how to
set up the app-ads.txt. An example can be :


What a great community! Thank you Oseamiya

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