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Show how the user's score is stored...

It is stored as a dictionary with 1. username and 2. score

Each user has a seperate tag or all stored together under one tag ?

In a list there are each users dictionary with above features

I think I have one leaderboard system for top 3 players a little modification should do the work. Sending it in a while....

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Alright, I have made the code, try this -

Thank you, I will try

Hi @Mayank_Kumar, I tried it but its not working. This is the code I have placed:

Is there any problem in this code :thinking: :thinking:

This is similar to what you want, but in TinyWebDB ...

Is the value a list of lists or a dictionary? oh, I found a small mistake in my code! sorry.

Sorry for the error, now I have fixed the code

Just added a simple dictionary to list converter in the start.

Hi @Mayank_Kumar, can you please say how do I change the value of the user's dictionary. This image below when I tried it, it is showing a big error!! Can you please help. Or is there any problem with my code.

It is showing like this and increasing

Check your select list item locks it is an error for them.

This is the aia BallEscape.aia (150.0 KB)
In the aia please go to the League screen.

Thank you all for your help, finally I have found a solution to my problem. I have made a little modification to @Mayank_Kumar's ideas. Thank you.....

This is the blocks

Okay, Good to know. :grin: :grin:

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