Getting weather information using OpenWeather API

I see you overriding the Designer height of the image at top of that procedure.

Also since you want to get temperature in Celcius no need to convert Kelvin degrees to Celcius just call api{lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}&units=metric

Locations are not immediately available.

I don't see you testing the validity of your location.

Use a clock to check whether location sensor gets lat and long, for example

blocks - 2023-12-04T040334.634

I tried this but not display the output on the screen. Here I have attached aia file. Please look at the file. Let me know what mistake I did.
Weather_app.aia (65.5 KB)

I notice in Screen2 you assume your Location Sensor has your current lat and long when you ask for the weather.

That's a false assumption.

Disable that current location button until it actually has a location to use.

Also, the penalty for not naming your components is confusion as to which is which.

For example, you had

but probably needed

I suppose this must be changed by the TextBox1.Text instead of the button text:

And this must be responseCode:

and this must be responseContent:

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