Full screen proplem in webview feature

I have a website and I use App Inventor to create an Android app for my website. I have posts with html videos on it, but every time I enter the app to watch my videos, I can't enter full screen mode!!

Hi @rjtk Welcome,
You should use this instead:


How Can I Use This

... since they are on your own website, you can control the size in the HTML, with CSS:


The video width can be set to WebView Component (container) width like so:

video {
  /* Fit the width of the container (WebView Component) */
  width: 100%    !important;
  height: auto   !important;

Note that !important is, erm, important - it prevents the WebViewer/Browser from doing it's own thing

CustomWebView is a little complex than usual webviewer.
But there are few informative posts are available which can help you in understanding its usage.One of them is:

Now when webview enters in full screen then it will be still in portrait mode which you have to change to landscape.