From Website to App


Thank you for wonderful info and service !

I am a software developer, I have an website which needs to shift also to App. on the mobile.
Can you let me know how to make it ?

What features will your mobile app require?

Please provide more detailed information in order that we can answer your question and point you in the right direction....

Maybe some app inventor basics tutorial would be a starting point. What about the app inventor hour of code playlist on youtube?


Thank you for the reply ~~~!!!

For example, simple there is an website:
And we want to create app. also for the same contents of course.
There seems to be agent companies for the shifting to mobile App. but we want to make it by ourselves.

Are you understanding what I mean...?

I tried to inventor hour of code, but I couldn't find how and where.

best wishes,

and your website is....?

You may have to rewrite your website a bit but how about creating a progressive web application ?

Oh, thank you very much and sorry for delay.
We actually, established website through wordpress, we do coding though.
I am now trying to read the link Smashing Magazine, though,
can you give me more tips?
Can you help me to write code for the mobile App. version..?
-Much appreciated,


sorry for delay...
It was really thankful of you to help it..
You have suggested rewrite a bit,,,
can you explain how to do...?
I actually made this through wordpress.
website is here:

looking forward to hearing from you, please.

Your website renders well in the AI2 webviewer (a bit slow...?). Try that and see if it meets your needs.