[Free] WaifuGen Extension - Enhance Your App with Anime Charm

WaifuGen Extension

The WaifuGen Extension allows you to integrate a Waifu image generator into your MIT App Inventor or Kodular app. Fetch vibrant Waifu images based on specific tags such as maid, waifu, marin-kitagawa, mori-calliope, and more. This extension offers a straightforward and efficient method to incorporate anime-style images, adding an engaging visual element to your application.

Key Features:

  1. Generate Waifu Images:

Generate Waifu Images

  • Specify tags like maid, waifu, marin-kitagawa, etc., to dynamically generate Waifu images.
  1. Retrieve Image Details:

Retrieve Image Details Images

  • Access detailed information about the generated images, including URL, favorites, dominant color, and source.
  1. Error Handling:

Error Handling Images

  • Gracefully handle errors with customizable error messages, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Import Extension:

    • Import the WaifuGen Extension into your MIT App Inventor or Kodular project.
  2. Initialize Component:

    • Place the WaifuGen component in the Screen.Initialize event to initialize it.
  3. Generate Waifu Image:

    • Use the "GenerateWaifuImage" block to retrieve Waifu images based on specified tags.
  4. Handle Generated Image:

    • Receive generated image details through the "WaifuImageGenerated" event and extract information such as URL, favorites, etc.
  5. Error Handling:

    • Utilize the "WaifuImageError" event to gracefully manage errors and customize error messages.
  6. Integration with UI:

    • Integrate WaifuGen with your app's user interface to create dynamic and engaging content.
  7. Permissions:

    • Ensure necessary permissions for internet access are granted in your app.
  8. Explore Tags:

    • Discover supported tags and choose those that align with your app's content.
  9. Enhance User Experience:

    • Leverage the extension to enhance your app's user experience with visually appealing Waifu images.
  10. Customization:

    • Customize the extension's behavior and appearance to suit your app's requirements.
  11. Documentation:

    • Visit the documentation to learn about all the usable tags.

Extension Details:

  • Name: WaifuGen Extension
  • Release Date: 23 Nov, 2023
  • Update Date: 23 Nov, 2023
  • Size: 8.50 kb
  • Extension Version: 1.0

Download Links:


Contributions and feedback are welcome! Feel free to contribute to the development of this extension.

Combine these features to create a visually captivating and engaging app experience for your users.

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  • Please show AI2 blocks, so that developers can see this works with AppInventor.

  • Might help to tell those that do not know what a waifu image is?

  • What base images would one need to provide for this extension?

  • Could you also provide a more exhaustive list of specified tags, and what they do?

  • Does this use an api or any libraries, give advice and credit.

You would need to add most of your answers to your original post....

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The test app doesn't work.

You need to enter a tag in the text box to generate the images.

What tags can be entered there? I've tried various nouns and so far nothing works except "maid".

Visit Documention: GitHub - CodeVistaStudios/WaifuGen-Extension: The WaifuGen Extension allows you to integrate a Waifu image generator into your MIT App Inventor or Kodular app.

@Patryk_F check faq

Sorry, I am unable to update the post. Reason: "Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post."