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Perhaps provide some use cases for this extension?

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@TIMAI2 This extension can be used if someone wants to make some applications which needs repeating text. Mainly like text editor or something like that....
Thank you @Anke but I have written in bold that please set the HTML format to true
I was trying to make it using new line tag but that wasn't working for me I don't know why that was so.... therefore I have to do it with
tag and I am also going to add some more features to this extension

Thank you

Could you give some examples where we can use this extension?

@SRIKAR_B.S.S please see it
and this extension is made on someone's request... and i thought to upload it here also and he asked me not to tag his name here so i haven't done that too...

Thank You

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Yes but

  1. the text can also be used with other components (Button, TextBox, ...)
  2. the line break is only needed between the words and not at the end.

@Horizon I don't know what's the advantages of your extension, also why do you call the extension TextEditor even though your extension doesn't have a special function or function that is needed. I hope you want to change it with a name that is more equivalent to the function you provide.

did you know that your extension functions can be built with (built-in blocks)?

See, I can make the same function as your extension using (built-in blocks) :

P.S: Please read this before creating and posting your extension :wink:

🟥 ##PLEASE READ FIRST## Posting a new extension to the community

Best Regards,
Salman Dev


Yes @Anke I know about it. But that wasn't working in my phone. I don't know why it is so

You are right @Salman_Dev but first point this will reduce the code and the size of application

Actually I am working on it
Means I am adding more features to it
Like text styles etc.

I am getting an error that's why it may take one day more

Thank you


textRepeat.aia (5.9 KB)


@Horizon I'm glad to hear that
:clap: :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Salman_Dev

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At OP's request topic closed and unlisted

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