🟥 [FREE] SimpleSqlite - an extension for working with SQLite Databases

Hmmm, looks like

is doubling up on /storage/emulated/0....

Will test some more

Yes, I think (and find on the forum next I post this question) this extension dont work with Android 10. The question is all my code is coded with the SqlLite extension and if I go to use the SimpleSqlite extension I will recode all my app. Really there are no way to "import" a empty (preformated with tables) database to use with sqllite? Any solution welcome. thanks. Ex. move (with the app) the database to a directory that can use the sqlite extension?...
Solved: I have used the method "dbname" of simplesqlite to change the name (and dir) of the db to the name (and dir) of db that expects the extension sqllite before import the database. To import the database I used the method ImportDatabase of simplesqlite extension. thanks.

You could have done exactly the same thing with Taifun's extension. Have you updated to the latest version which works with Android <=10?

Version 3 on Android 9:

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@Anke, many thanks for all your help with sorting out file paths :+1:

I got this error:

after tick the returncolumnheaders then untick, this error message will not popup again.

Is this with the latest version ?

Try with V3 from link in first post....

yes, it's v3 from first post

Hmmm, just tested and you are correct. Thought I had this fixed. I made it go away, but now has come back ? More work to do....

Now ok, no error any more.

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and that was with the new version I just provided ?

yes, the new version is fine.

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OK, this will be set in the first post shortly.

Is this extension open source? I don't find it on github.

Also does it work for Android11 and above?

Yes, just not got around to publishing the code
Yes, should work with all android versions

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Thanks! Great!
By curiosity, what did you have to change to make it work with recent Android11 versions (the extension "aix-SQLite" written by Tom Bennedum doesn't work after Android10)?
Please let us know when the source will be published on github.

If I remember correctly, I had to rework the file path mechanisms. Everything else was OK.

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Java now in first post. The extension was built with RUSH.

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Thanks for this information! Since you have already done the modification, it would be great if you could make a pull request/fork on "aix-SQLite" to update it, so people could choose between these two extensions according to their needs.

In any case, thanks a lot for sharing your work!