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Your extension is not working. Will you fix them or the topic to be closed?

I will fix it.


Now the api is working so the extension is also working.


for those who like to get the same result without using an extension can use these blocks

quicky.aia (2.3 KB)


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


Besides, I think an extension with an unstable API is not a good idea to use in an app.

The API only works once. Then it combines the next search words.

What you mean?

It was actually made for the telegram bot which I just put it in a web for my chocolateo app.
This was started as just a fun project.

Here is the source code:

First you look for the word "appinventor". He will search well. Then you want to search for "apple", not search "apple" but "appinventorapple". Remembers your previous search and adds a new word.
This was what happened when the extension was done, then you fixed the API, now it's again this bug.

Nope. It's (EDITED, it was a typo :sweat_smile:) NOT a bug in API. Maybe the extension just appends the word for the search.


New version 4 :partying_face:

Check out the first post for the version 4 aix !
Major bug has been fixed !


you have been telling major bug is fixed small bug is fixed may you reply here what you fixed??

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@Aarush_Kumar as Patryk_F said in the following quote, was the extension's fault, not the api's fault.
And just some extras removed and...... :no_mouth:

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