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Ok, so before you publish an extension next time, check beforehand that everything works as expected. Have your extension tested (by experienced developers) beforehand!


the source of player set by these two blocks :point_down:

and the fade in/out is working after running one of the above blocks and it works for me I don't understand how it doesn't work for you i tested it with android 10,11,12

Then why don't you finally post all the relevant blocks (togethter) and ideally a test aia as well?

The 1st reason is that I tested it with a project that has other subjects with multiple screens so I can't post this one.
And the second one as I mentioned before that I am busy.

but ok I will create the aia file to show how to use this extension.


This also does not work / does not open.
I will unlist the topic for now until the problems are fixed.

I have been working on audio apps on all AI2 distros for more than 10 years and know all audio-related extensions. In all my audio apps, sounds / music are faded in and out. So I should be able to use your extension after a few seconds (at most minutes) if it actually works. Unfortunately, it doesn't, or at least not in the way you'd expect.

@Anke I respect that but can you capture a video to show the problem, cause I really don't understand why the fade effect doesn't work for you or you can explain in detail what is exactly the problems related to the fade effect

Is it really that hard to post a simple aia that can be opened with AI2 and then works??
Instead you post a broken aia with 2 screens, which also contains half a dozen extensions. :upside_down_face:


I am sorry I mixed up the aia for kodular not AI2 try it and I will replace this aia with version to kodular

And the player is in Screen2

And again:
Post a SIMPLE test aia with 1 screen and only 1 extension.

OK no problem

@Anke I have attached an AIA file for MIT App Inventor. I hope this will meet your satisfaction.

Set FadeIn/Out = 2000 and SetVolumeLevel=30 and try ...

@Anke Apologies for this , The problem lies in the calculation of the volumeStep of the code try this one and you can alert me if the problem solved .

We're already at post #38 and there's no end in sight.

  • As already said, implement the fadeOut/IN methods at the end & at the beginning of an audio track (ie without the need for a timer afterwards).

  • It would also be helpful if there were FadeIn / Out events (which indicate when the FadeIn/Out process is complete). This is the only way to avoid using a (further) timer.

  • Then test your extension thoroughly with different settings (fade in/out times and volumes).

  • And then post your extension in a new topic.

Which user would like to look at all this stuff about the development history of your extension?

I would like to acknowledge your effort, but you should try to fix the problems / bugs in advance.

What is this clock needed for if it doesn't have fade in and fade out blocks?

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