[Free] Lists Extension an extension for arrange in ascending order, descending order, get min/max value

Where @Aaruah_Kumar

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leave it your method also works

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Can you give me what method work

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New update now you can also get max/min from text list
com.faraz.Lists.aix (3.8 KB)

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@Faraz_Firoz have you read this:

🟥 ##PLEASE READ FIRST## Posting a new extension to the community

  • If you want to open source your code, provide a txt file of your java code

Also update the java code for the new extension version.

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What about adding some description to the methods?


This is my first extension and I do not know what will happen If I add description so I do not add any deecription

If you add description of method then leaving cursor on the blocks will show the description of the block....

@SimpleFunction(description = "function of the blocks")

Thanks @oseamiya