[FREE] Happy Toggle Button - Toggle Button With Animation

When you set the arrangement to fill parent :grin:


Lol really a funny result :grin: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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And it is still working. Just thinking. With a number of these happy toggle buttons on your screen you could make some kind of game. Like find the code, or a guessing game. Or you could play happy sounds and not so happy sounds.


Yes, I am thinking to add an id system so it can support the layouts made from dynamic components extension (Edit - probably in future :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)


Cool extension @Techno_Vedang :ok_hand:


I tested it and it's working; but Set happy toggle Checked To () Is not working and It gives error

Can you show the blocks you used

also what about revealing the error you get?

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How To Use Happy Toggle Button Extension -: Video Tutorial - The Coding Bus


@Techno_Vedang Can you please make one more version of this extension that doesn't includes face but the empty dot I want it because the switch in app inventor is too old looking and not that customizable.

You change app theme to device default and it should change!

Nope I have android 12 it isn't using my system theme even after changing app theme to device default.

No need of mentioning that

Have you checked in companion?

YES I have checked it.

Please do not shout!

It should look like this

This is what I am talking about

Yes this I know already, you said "you should change theme to device default and it will change".

So, did it change?

NOPE, It doesn't changed it's not following android 12 buttons theme.

I said no shouting!

Compile it in apk and check

What do you mean? Uppercase Text? I don't think it's known as shouting maybe it is or maybe not?

Done still same :slight_smile: