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I've tried that before but it still doesn't appear in my listpicker.

I'm confused because the data can appear in the "Label" component
but not in the "ListPicker" component

I've done something like you said but it didn't work, here's the block

Can you show us what is the data of output?

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Only a few name sir

This is what I did to get that row

And then

I mean to show the data on a label, not the data in the spreadsheet.

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Here you go :wink:

this is a list of list. after JsonTextDecode, you need to pick item 1 from it, and set it as ListPicker's Elements


Thank you @Kevinkun now it works :wink:

try again

I've found the problem, apparently that the get event variable doesn't return "readColumn" but returns "readCol" :rofl:

Please help. When the value in the Google Sheet is a date, the value of the text box is date + T23:00:00
Please help me.

It is a string, so just remove the +T23:00:00 part

Alternatively, enter your dates as string in the google sheet

I can't enter the date as plain text. I don't actually write anything in this column. The formula works in this column. funkcion EDATE()

You could try editing the google apps script. Wherever it says getValues, replace this with getDisplayValues. Then re-deploy your script.

This might break one or more of the functions that have getValues in them.....