[Free] FlipBook extension

You could try this method

swipeSlidesImagesv1.aia (58.4 KB)

which is a reworking of what I did here, to use images instead of text:

It uses an unofficial horizontal pager extension by @vknow360. i guess it could reworked to show two pages side by side, if needed.

Tested in companion on Android 11 under API 30 :wink:


Thanks, I will check and test it.

Another strange thing is that I am not able to build the apk of these apps if I do not remove the Screen2. Ok, there is no way to switch between the 2 screens but this should be only a logical problem or I may suppose that the author wanted to implement a more complex examples and then abandoned the idea. But anyway, why can't be built the apk? I do not find any good explanation.

Just remove Screen2, it is redundant and not needed for anything.

Sure, I see and I done it. But why does not build?

I am not sure which project you are talking about, if the flipbook one, then I am not sure why you are persisting with this as it doesn't work well.

The last aia I put up was for image swiping using the horizontal pager extension. This only had one screen, and it compiles just fine, installs and runs on Android 11 device.

Not only flipbook.aia, all flipbook "variants" give me the same problem if I do not delete Screen2. Deleting Screen2 solves the problem but I would like to know why, I can not exclude it may happen on other projects
(also if it is the first time happened to me).

In the example aia for FlipBook, one of the blocks on Screen2 is related to a component that does not exist (you will see it has a red border). This is why.

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Is there a way to flip the pages without touching the screen? Or is there a way to "create" a touching action by code that may flip the pages?

For what you want you may need to sidestep the extension and build your own version in a webviewer using turn.js and an interval timer (or their API)


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If I develop the code for turnjs to run on a common web browser can I reuse the code also for the web viewer? Should it run on both without any modification or with minimum modifications?

the flipbook extension is using turn.js and a webview/er inside the extension, so it should work.

I've tried this extension, but the images doesnt show, can you help me ?

this is the block

Use an arrangement in the layout socket. See the example in the first post.

@Peter the result still same sir

this distribution is out of date.
You can only use images online.
for full functionality use the distribution saved on the kodular community

UseFul Extension!!! thanks

Hi, is there a way to adjust the size of the image, like the actual size


Hi, is there a way to adjust the size of the image, like the actual size]

Use overflow and/or ratio options