[FREE] DeviceUtils - To get some info about your device!

Hello inventors, :wave:
Today, I am going to present my new extension which is DeviceUtils.
Small, but useful !


blocks (3)

AndroidVersion -  Returns the version of your android device.

SdkVersion - Returns the SDK version of your android device.

BaseOs - Returns the base OS build the product is based on.

CodeName - Returns the current development codename, or the string "REL" if this is a release build.

Incremental - Returns the internal value used by the underlying source control to represent this build. E.g., a perforce changelist number or a git hash.

PreviewSdkVersion - Returns the developer preview revision of a prerelease SDK. This value will always be 0 on production platform builds/devices.

SecurityPatch - Returns the user-visible security patch level. This value represents the date when the device most recently applied a security patch.

Example Usage:




V1 (4.6 KB)
V2 (4.6 KB)

Aia - DeviceUtils.aia (5.3 KB)

Note - Somtimes, Base OS is returned as empty string.

Thanks !


Good extension

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Thank you @Parva ! :slightly_smiling_face:

That's good.
You are learning slowly.

However, you should rename extension to DeviceUtils.


Thank you @vknow360 !

For sure :slightly_smiling_face:.

And that can't be an update, but a new version, because the packageName is then changed.


New version v2 released ! :partying_face:

Renamed the extension and changed the package name. :sweat_smile:

DeviceUtils.aix (4.6 KB)


Wow Good Job :partying_face:

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Thank you @Salman_Dev ! :blush:

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just name modification == new Version?

you could instead update aix in first post and change blocks

Nice aix :+1:

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Thank you @Know_About_IT ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great Extension @Aquib_Khan

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Thank you @SRIKAR_B.S.S ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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There might be a possible way to change a setting from java, so maybe try coding it?