[FREE] Custom List Picker Extension

Very nice and very very useful extension thank you for your effort :clap: :clap:

It will be nice if (Select/Deselect All) option is included for multiple selection list

Okay, I will try.

Extra checkbox is not possible to add but we can add a third button in the dialog to achieve this.

Updated V4

Added property to Show/Hide Select All/None button.
Added property to set text of Select All/None button.

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Thank you very much you are Awesome

Great extension :clap:
But I need this in RTL mode and custom word instead ''OK'' , ''CANCEL'' ,... :weary:

What is RTL mode?

Already added properties to customise positive and negative button text :point_down:t2:

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RTL - Right-to-Left (Usually seen in languages such as Arabic or Hebrew)


@The_K_Studio This is very good extension,
But can you add a feature that these lists can be imposed on arrangements, which we can set it on arrangements as well as popups?

I will try.

If I correctly understand, you want to show a custom layout as list picker in a pop-up?

If yes then there is already an extension Daffy Dialog, you can use it to show custom layout as pop up notifier.

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No in an arrangement, similar to list view

thanks. :pray: