[FREE] Custom List Picker and Choice Picker Extension

Extension developers which use proguard to obfuscate their code should keep extension classes in extension package when proguarding


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I'm not a pro in this, but I used Niotron IDE editor to build the extension and used inbuilt Proguard.

Anything I can do now? Or shall I build a new version without using Proguard?

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Probably their proguard rules need an update? I do not know...

You could use the latest version of the App Inventor sources to build your extension, which already use the correct proguard rules
Alternatively build a new version without proguard



I have updated the aix.


Works perfectly! :ok_hand:


hi @The_K_Studio, One question, i am using this extension but i recive de RUN TIME ERROR "resource ID #0x0"
i saw here that this happens because of the theme, but i am a beginner and i dont know what are you talking about. if u are talking about the normal background color or what. i would be grateful if u can help me!

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Which theme are you using, it is best to try with Device Default theme.

Can you show your blocks and screenshot of error message please?

In single list picker, if we select nothing and click OK.
Then the App quits,

Solve this bug

Okay, thanks for reporting the bug. I will fix it.

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Error has been fixed.

Now SinglePickerCancelled event will be raised when Single Choice Picker dialog is used without picking an item.


(Doesn't hurt to be polite)

I said in normal English,
i don't know whether it sounds strong, I just reported a bug normally as I do.

Thanks for immediate update.
Works fine

@The_K_Studio here

This is the message that appears when i click in the listPIcker Button

Please show your blocks image.

Here are the blocks

The probles is that if i use the AI companion it works but if y dow nload the APK it doesn't

Sorry the other pic was borrowed

This extension is not compatible with AI2 Classic theme. You need to use theme other than classic theme.

Go to project properties > Theming > Change theme.

Thank uu broo
I ll reply u when i do it