[FREE] Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF

how to solve permission issue (error 908 , error 2001) like this.

I changed file name. eventhough i'm getting issue.

Sorry sir

then show your code.
And you can edit your inputs in one post. No need one sentence one post.

these are all the codes for the screen i shared before.

The user needs to share this table as pdf after they entered values in those text boxes.

share file need a full file path like this:

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Thanks a lott sir.. Now its Working

I am unable to find this block for my pdf extension. Can anyone guide me regarding this?

Here is the extension:

extension removed, only the author is allowed to upload their extension

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Extenion is here

Use Create10, AddPage10, Finish10
file is in ASD

Thankyou so much for the reply, really appreciate it. I have one more question, I am making a medical form which will list down all the demographic details and test reports of a patient from the preious screens data using the Tiny database component. The report screen has to be converted to a pdf(which can be done by the above mentioned method) and this pdf has to be emailed to the patient(they will enter their email address in demographic details in the starting screens). How can this be done?

so how can i find created pdf file?

I found this extensions a view days ago and find it very usefull for my app. It looks however only uselfull for a pdf page for each arrangement, or am I wrong?
For my app I need an extension that creates a pdf page (report) that I can build myself with arrangements. Different arrangements horizontally en vertically. Is this parhaps possible with this extension or is there an other that can do this?
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You can add pages for different arrangements

I did that already.. And that is fine, but I look forward to this functionality because i have now many pagina's for few information.

What functionality ?

I mean to order arrangements on one pdf page. see picture. For making a report of data which are sometimes related one to many.

How would that look with content ?

You could place the three secondary arrangements inside an outer arrangement and save that as a page?

You may have to generate dynamic components to get this set up for applying to your pdf.

Thanks. That would be partly a solution. Futher I have to collect arrangements in my app for a total report. Thats where I am looking for to solve this.