[FREE] Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF

because in android 11 the android / data folder is no longer visible. (it is empty) before I could open the pdf file and print its content.
now the created.pdf file is no longer visible for android restrictions.

if you can save in Download or Document you can again (in android 11) open the file and print.
it is important for my app.

thanks for your help.

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Currently (April 2021), it is possible, using a file extension, to copy/move files to common folders on the sdcard.

This may change when AppInventor starts to target API 30 (full on Android 11 with all restrictions applied), and our current understanding is that you cannot then copy files in the same way.

We won't really know what the possibilities will be until Google/MIT sort all this out.


well, for now i will use copy to fix in android 11.

How can I add more than one layout (exable 2 Horizontal Arrangements) to the Block ad page layout .

I need add in layout in the above block for exable Horizontal Arrangements1 + Horizontal Arrangements

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Try this

HorizontalArrangement1 ... Visible true
HorizontalArrangement2 ... Visible false

Add HorizontalArrangement1

HorizontalArrangement1 ... Visible false
HorizontalArrangement2 ... Visible true

Add HorizontalArrangement2

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I do not understand exactly how to do it. Can you write the code? I did the following but created three pages with large spaces instead of one page.

If you only want one page, create a VerticalArrangement1, inside HorizontalArrangement1, HorizontalArrangement2, HorizontalArrangement3

AddPage: VerticalArrangement1

I want to make an A4 page.
How many pixels should I put in height and width?

Go testing with different measures.

How can I put in the above example the height to be automatic and not a number (example , not high=1000, but automatic)

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I did it

but I get the error message

page width must be positive

I thought that might happen :wink: Seems the extension will not accept these negative values.

Can I add 2 or layouts to the layout field?

How can I make a PDF file with 2 layout and has different screen/location?

I've enabled one file but its too long for one page. I want to divide it into 3 pages

As a project I am using a drive as cloud storage. Is there a way the created pdf is immediately stored in google drive and not in the Phone's external storage? This is for a project for the company i am at, want to save hr generated pdf to google drive.

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Thank you. but maybe you can assist. With the fact that android 11 does not give write permissions anymore, i have even checked on the .aia up ion this thread, which was allegedly working, it gives errors, i want to circumvent this issue, by when the button pressed to create pdf, it must instead of the app attempting to write the file to internal memory it must sent it to google drive. Will this extension allow me to do same.

You need to first save the file to your device, then upload that file to google drive. (you can always delete the file from your device after uploading). You do not need write permissions to save a file to the ASD (application specific directory)

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