[FREE] Blocker - An extension to block screenshots and screen recording! 🚫

Good question...
@Aquib_Khan, after disabling once how can we enable it again?


Thank you @Faraz_Firoz !

Yes, I'll try adding that too.


blocker.disable looks like you disabled this blocker, means capture is allowed. Maybe change the name to disableCapture


Will be added in the next update ! :+1:

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New V2 released ! :partying_face:
Major Update !

:star2: Blocks renamed.
:star2: New block added.
:star2: Size increased by 0.1 KB. :rofl:

Blocks :


Download :

Latest Version V2

Took lots of hard work and time ! :sweat:


The file you put for download is an .aia project it's not a extension file. How I can use it in my other projects?

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@qwe_rfv Please check it under Downloads > Versions > V2

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This is answer :point_down:
How do I put an aia file in the MIT app inventor?

Congratulation @Aquib_Khan
:clap: :partying_face:

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Thanks ! :wink:

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public class Blocker extends AndroidNonvisibleComponent {
    private Activity a;

    public Blocker(ComponentContainer componentContainer) {
        this.a = ***.$context();

    public void DisableCapture() {
        this.a.***().setFlags(8192, 8192);

    public void EnableCapture() {

Do you know anything about this code :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jinx where did you get that code ?

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got them from developer.android.com and then i converted it to aix code in niotron ide :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: i used same name conventions to give a feel like code is hacked :rofl: but it's not

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Yes, I thought that you decompiled it... :laughing:

It's easy code just two lines :slightly_smiling_face:
and i also didn't made that line of code public

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I am not sure what your point is ?

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Nothing just for fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you really did not decompiled it ? :thinking:
I suspect you...

Reasons for suspecting you
  1. The pattern i.e the order of the code is exactly the same.
  2. I decompiled this extension and exactly got the same number that is inside the setFlags, (8192)


How do you know that I have only written private Activity a; line ?


How do you know that there will be two numbers here ?


This line is the main reason for suspecting you... I feel you decompiled it...

P.S - There is 99% chance that you decompiled my extension.

@Jinx I await a reply...


Pls gave the aix of the extension :')

It is in the first post of the topic, under Versions.