[Free/Beta] Puzzle Game - For made 2048 puzzle game

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An extension component for Create 2048 Puzzle Game. BY ~ A E M O ~

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📁 com.aemo.puzzleview.PuzzleView

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Designer Properties

BlockCountX number number of vertical columns
BlockCountY number number of horizontal columns
Direction_RIGHT number return dir Right
Direction_BOTTOM number return dir bottom
Direction_LEFT number return dir left
Direction_TOP number return dir top



layout component your view
blockX number number of vertical columns ( 4 or 3)
blockY number number of horizontal columns ( 4 or 3)





returnType : boolean


returnType : boolean

fix boolean true


dir number Direction


returnType : boolean

dir number Direction



error text

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Note : this extension still beta so I apologize for some errors that may exist in the extension


Please follow the naming conventions

PS: I will hide this thread meanwhile...


I don't know why you did this, but from my point of view, following the name in the extension industry does not affect the work of the extension. The most important thing is that the extension works well and does not contain errors, so let me not follow the name c.

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I agree with you.
But I often forget to follow the name c in making my extension, but that doesn't mean that if I don't follow the name c, the extension should be hidden from the community, maybe you should remind me or give me some advice but I don't think you should hide the extension from the community.
I hope you understand my point.

Yes, this is a friendly reminder for you to follow the naming conventions... and after reading the naming conversion thread you also understand, why to use them.

You already published the extension in the Kodular community, so anyone can download it from there.

And if you decide to modify the extension to follow the conventions, then we can unhide this thread also in this community. It takes you only 5 minutes. Thank you for considering this.

Keep up the good work!

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