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Few days ago I looking this feature...

Thank you somuch @TIMAI2 .. :+1::+1::+1::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Hi... @TIMAI2... Is it possible to make additional notifier block, notifier progress which include cut time? So when we set e.g : 3000ms then the notifier block will close or timeout...

Thank You... :pray: :pray:

Thanks for your interest. This is not something I can do with my extension. Perhaps @Gordon_Lu can do this with his notifier extension?


Looking forward to that. I will try.


Thank you @TIMAI2 and @Gordon_Lu... :pray: :+1:


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hi TIMAI2,

just to mention that the version of AltNotifier in the app inventor (after import) points to version 1.0.
Hope you didn't already getthousands of messages like this


Nope, no-one else has commented thus. I did forget to update the version number text from 1.0 to 1.2.

do i need to start a new topic or can i address a small problem about AltNotifier here ? I would need to reconstruct the case as I have not copied the "code" . Just explaining what i encountered would be enough in my understanding for you to confirm that my code was wrong.


Here is fine.

as said, can't provide the blocks because used deviation now.

In my development I needed the user to enter digits, so came by the AltNotifier

I was trying to use lesser components in my code, had 2 notifiers and 2 ALT notifiers.
Than I started to use a variable, setting it to specific value based on the "block" used (like Button1 or Label22..)
Thus when calling the notifier, i passed this variable and made some "if"s . Fine

Than came the ALTnotifier which until than I used 2 different ones (and now again)
I tried to use an "IF" construction again, but i couldn't succeed, got error similar to

the app inventor ... google.. .com.button .... but got a stringfile instead ...etc

It is not the exact errorcode but you have seen them enough I suppose. I couldn't understand what was going wrong, disabled all the code from the beginning and started to run my companion, each time getting more code enabled.
When I came to the part to call the ALTnotfier (with the if construction ) it got me this error.

I now reused the second AltNtifier and I have no problems at all (cannot confirm that all of my current code is exactly the same, but sure enough to say the idea bahind is the same)

Would this be enough for you to maybe look into it or already state that maybe an IF construction within AltNotfier is not a good idea or ..

PS jsut remebered, I have a png of 2.3MB with all blocks exposed. would that help you ? and can I attach it here?


Please show your relevant blocks only , take a screenshot of your blocks image and post it here. Need to understand what you are doing a bit better. A picture tells a thousand words..

these are the relevant blocks. If I use AltNotifier1 I get the error, If I call AltNotifier2 it runs as expected
Do you want the aia for this setting ? App is far from complete and is a mix of Dutch and English.

no hurry,
tnx for looking into it, jsut that I wanna know what I did or do wrong

Looks like your problem is here:


What type of component is "dummy" ? A textbox ?

Seems this had nothing to do with the extension.

you are correct, this code asks for troubles, my fault
dummy is a hidden textbox that is used for a default first text entry when needed, but mostly to set the variables to standard value. it is just a dummy that is not used for anything else.

Ijust get the message that I could send you personal message but your profile states that you are private, so won't message you until invited.

Anyway, tnx for looking into it, I worked around and it suites me , will get to my first app one way or another, i really do like it this way.


Hi @TIMAI2 great extension btw.. but i have a challenging problem.

i have a number dynamic pairs of buttons and labels(it can be 1 button and 1 label.. but it can also be 20 buttons and 20labels) that have unique IDs.. each of those buttons click would trigger a notification to ask for a number input. this number input would be displayed in the label that has the same id as the button from where the notification was triggered.

the issue is, the response variable of the .AfterNumberTextInput block has only the input text.. is there a way to pass the id of the clicked button somehow to the .AfterNumberTextInput so that i can put the input in the label with the same id.

i hope i explained my problem well.. looking forward to your answer

What about storing the id in a global variable?

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ohh yeah u r right.. so sorry for wasting your time, it totally skipped my mind.. maybe I should just go and rest after an exhausting day. thanks a lot.. and keep up the amazing work your are doing for the community

this extension can show more than 2 options?. like 5 o 6 options?

If I understand you correctly, then no.

You would need to build your own notifier using a dialog extension.