[Free] AdColony Ads : Monetize Your Apps

Free Adcolony Ads aix


You can add these in your apps to monetize/earn money from them


Demo Blocks

Download Aix
AdColonyExtension (4).aix (572.5 KB)


The link that I like about @Logicaldevz extensions is that they are completely free (and useful). Here take this -



I tried it but it gave me this error :thinking:

Kodular is not allowing you to use the extension and the extension is flagged as malicious (an ad extension).

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Is the extension malicious?

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Oh I see...


Really thanks :+1:


We have a native component in Kodular, AdColony Interstitial.

Doesn’t work! It give me this error

Well post it in Kodular community, this is MIT App Inventor community.

Yes I posted there. But I am trying to do this extension.
Really thanks and Sorry for your community.

Initialisation of sdk is necessary

What do i use for the app id and zone id? where do i get them?

Well how do I use the SDK in AI2? I don't know where I can use it

I'm on their GitHub for the Android SDK and It's all in JavaScript, and I don't see any files to download nor things to set up, I've got the app and zone id, i made an account with AdColony and put everything in, it still doesnt work

try updated aix and make sure to enable test mode if ur app is not live

Updated Aix :
AdcolonyAds (9).aix (616.8 KB)

I tested it, it works