Firebase security using the web component?

finally I could put the security in the writing and deletion of content in the database, I have also achieved in the reading, but I can only do it with the PN

when I try to do it with the other fields, I have tried to apply the blocks that I use without the security but it gives me permissions error

any idea ?

Have you set all the other items in .indexOn ?

yes, as you told me in the last consultation, I put the link to you

Well it will if you have secure rules:


correct, but if I search by PN it works, I do not understand why the search by equivalente or equivalente1

does not work, do you know the reason?

Because you are not sending an auth token.

You need to send the auth token with every request when using the REST api.

can you tell me where I have to put auth token ?
I've tried several situations and none of them works for me,
I would appreciate your help

here is the last example I have used

Try this:

get global prueba
get global tokenid
trim Buscar.Text

thanks TIMAI2 work fine

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