Firebase Not Retrieving TagList

Here's a video of me walking through the code, I added some comments as well

Okay, I have no idea what the issue was but it's apparently fixed now. I was testing the app going through some debugging methods and it works now though I haven't changed a single line of code, I only added an if-then-else statement checking if the data was an empty string and if it wasn't then proceed.
I am honestly just so confused.


Please export your project and post it here.
I have no reason to believe a get Taglist will work if you have a nonexistent bucket.

See FAQ Section: Firebase for working samples.
The bus route tutorial is very clear. Notice how the bucket stated in the Designer Firebase attributes appeared in the data view, unlike yours.

Also, if you use a Notifier, pick one that requires an OK button to clear. I have never seen the Alert Notifier to work for me.

Your app will be easier to debug if you eliminate the Get Taglist wild goose chase from the process of retrieving the latest giveaway date.

This is the current database: image

Would you say that the "giveaways" or the "latestGiveawayDate" is the bucket or none?



Oh okay, then that's where the bucket is created i'm guessing? image

Since you have not shown that you changed the Designer Bucket from Giveaways, and since your new data is under "giveaways" (no upper case), and since I see mixed case in all Firebase data (that tells me it does not automatically downcase), I can't bring myself to equate Giveaways with giveaways.

I honestly don't even know what you just said but it works, I appreciate all of the time you spent with me trying to help me to understand this! Thank you, ABG!

I missed this post. Yes.

Let us simplify:



With ProjectBucket = MacTags
Taglist returned = ["MoreMacTags", "FA:B7:F7:63:17:C1", "0A:7B:CF:AF:06:F9"]


With ProjectBucket = MacTags/MoreMacTags
Taglist returned = ["mactag1", "mactag2"]

wrong thread

Right topic, demonstrating how to get taglist from the base projectbucket and a sub projectbucket

Just use 01 instead of 1 while sign up.. the first tag should be 01. Then it will work fine. Then no complaint at all.