Firebase is not working!

I am willing to do that but how should I post the aia

Export selected aia to computer, then press upload, add file from computer and hit upload

Sorry hope now your able to see.

Here is the air file you asked for.Thanks for your help till nowFirebase_testing.aia (2.1 KB)

I do not know if there is a glitch or something else. I noticed that the problem occurs if Database location is asia-southeast1 else if Database location is United States (us-central1) works fine. In attatched aia I used a test realtime database created in us-central and works fine

Firebase_testing_1.aia (2.6 KB)


Thank you for your help @dora_paz, now I see that the problem was in me choosing the Singapore server but when I chose the American server everything works fine.Thanks again for your help without you I could not have solved this problem.

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You are welcome, glad I could help :slight_smile:


It seems so ...

That will surely help many others as well.
Thank you for your persistence, Dora! :+1:

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How will I change the location of my firebase database? regarding what you say about changing it to Singapore or US.

Once created you can not location. Only way is to create a new one


I hope somebody can help me.

I created a simple firebase app and build its apk.

I installed it in bluestack 5, android 10 tablet, and android 10 smartphone. In bluestack, it is working well but not in the other devices. I can post and get data using the app in bluestack. But using the app in android 10 tablet and smartphone, the data is not sending it to the correct firebase url. You can verify this by restarting the app and see that the data you stored is gone.

Another thing is the "get tag list" command is not working.

Here is my aia. I hope someone can look into this. Thank you.

[mod edit] aia project removed due to it containing a paid extension

I had a look at your aia project. You appear to be mixing up the MIT firebase with your own firebase account, and using an extension to further compound the confusion, along with using two firebase components. Most of this is unnecessary.

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Ok. Thank you. I will make it simpler.

Hi, the database should do in test or lock mode?

Please explain what you mean, what you are trying to achieve.

this one which i means. should choose which one.

Use Test mode

noted. thanks

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