Firebase for iOS

hello everyone.

i'm aware that firebase is not yet avaiable for iOS, but unfortunately i became aware of this way too late.

i developed most part of an app and i let the database for the end, but i didn't know that i would not be able to implement the firebase on the app, and i'm using an iphone to compile and create the app.

is there any possible way to use firebase? i've tried downloading the testflight version but apparently it's too late for enter on the beta version.

please, can someone enlight me with any solution? the topics i've been through didn't have any useful or functional information.


Can you use the web component to access Firebase ?

i guess i can do this, yes. i'm new on this, so i'm not sure of what i can or can't do.
i'll follow the tutorial on this link and try it out. i just want to do a user registration database. i think it is possible, right?
thank you for your return!

see here: