Firebase error in mit app inventor app

i am making a news app in which only I can update the news and the news is stored in firebase realtime database .

Earlier my firebase security rules were set as public meaning both read and write to true and the app was running fine .

But now i have updated my security rules to make my app more secure to this :
Screenshot (38)

This means i am only allowing myself to read and write data but i am getting an error when i am running the app

i know i am getting the error because I am not the authenticated owner for this app.

But still i am not able to fix this error please help

The error means a permission is denied. Make sure you include lines in your Realtime Database to make sure the system can read and write data, something like this:

  /* Visit to learn more about security rules. */
  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": true
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first please read my question i have already said i did this before but then i changed the rules.
i am asking how i can authenticate myself in my app as the owner of my firebase account so that only i can update the data

You need to create an authenticated user in your firebase project.

In the firebase console, go to Authentication. Enable email/password. Add a user. You will then need to authenticate using either an extension or web component.


You can use the Firebase Authentication extension in Pura Vida Apps by Mirxtrem Apps.

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thank you very much i found the extension but can you please tell how i can use it with firebase

The extension page has YouTube videos explaining.

I’m not an expert in Firebase, but you can watch the videos.