Firebase DB with App Inventor tutorial

The double slashes (//) in the tags are new to me.
I have been using single slashes.

I found that in somebody's YouTube video..

Maybe a more frequent FireBase user might have something to say on slash versus double slash in the tags.

Out of curiosity, when you said that about updating the birth year in your example, what would the blocks look like to drill down to that level? My database doesn't go that deep but I am curious..

It would be a single StoreValue with a value of your year, and a tag built up from a JOIN following the branches from left to right to reach the year, separated by / at each level.
You had the idea in saveUserData02.
The JOIN block accepts more sockets through its blue mutator button.

What's the difference here?


I mean I get that there are no variables and it points to a specific place but thats my question .. will I get to the year of my birth? If this were production I would use variables so I could get to anywhere but this is just an example.

I did find the bus route tutorial and it backs up my case?

Aside from the typo, no difference.
The JOIN makes it easier to read and edit.

That tutorial is not familiar to me.

This one .. I found it helpful for someone at my level of skill

Bus Schedule Tutorial

@SteveJG posted it in this thread earlier..

Hello. It works on mit a12 companion but not in my phone :frowning: ...can someone help?

What doesn't work ?

Also I suggest you drop the Table Arrangement and remake it using vertical and horizontal arrangements

app is not starting in my phone ...
if i erase that login stuff then it starts...

ok i will try that... thanks

Are you using your own firebase project or the MIT one ?

yes...and still not opening my app ...but without login page its working super :)....

and im geting error if i start ai companion "Error from Companion: For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features! " but firebase is working and saves logins and passwords ...

in companion in phone all is working fine....

  1. If your firebase project is not on the US-CENTRAL server (on Firebase) then you will need to create a new firebase project that is, in order to use the AI2 Firebase component. (The alternative is to use the Web component instead)

  2. Check the Rules, ensuring that your ProjectBucket is read/write

  3. Check your Firebase designer settings to ensure that your Firebase URL and Project bucket are set correctly

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"rules": {
".read": true,
".write": true

i changed it to true is that the problem?

No, that should be OK for now....(Firebase will eventually get on to you about insecure rules)

What about the server location ?

@Rainer_Lepik , You can try FirebaseManager Extension
There is no problem about the server location with this extension
Best regards

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