Finding Nearest Pet Shelter

Hey there! I am trying to make an app where it can find the nearest pet shelter. I am not sure how I can do that, though I have seen other people make an app related to this FAQ. Any suggestions on finding this component?

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Something like this will work Is it possible to make a function on appinventor which detects the nearest restaurants or anything else? - #4 by SteveJG using the ActivityStarter component.

or Is there any way to implement Place Types in App Inventor? - #2 by SteveJG

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Hey there,
Does this mean that if I type in pet shops... it will display all the pet shops only?

Why not try typing pet shops and see what happens? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice! But this is my first time using an activity starter and I don't know what to put in any textboxes. You can find the textbox I am talking about by going in the design section and clicking on the activity starter.

You do not need to fill in the TextBoxes in the ActivityStarter Properties because you are providing all the necessary code in your Blocks.


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Two more things, does this have to be tested on an Android device? Can it just be tested on an ios? Second, don't we need a web viewer or something to display the map?

FindPetShelters.aia (3.3 KB)
This aia example works on an Android device. It might work on some emulators. A button finds all nearby pet shelters; A second button works with a TextBox where you can type anything you want to search for; for example restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, churches

I do not know. I don't experiment with ios. The aia might work or someone else who has ios experience might comment.

No, it does not use a web viewer; it links with Google's Map app. The pet shelter locations is elicited by an intent (what ActivityStarter does).

Hmm, it isn't working and only says error 601, any other solution?

error-601-no-corresponding-activity-was-found ??

I suspect you are trying to run this on an emulator or ios . Did you try this aia on ios or an Android cell? You will have to have a WIFI or data connection active on your Android.

It probably won't run on an emulator. You may need a real Android. For what is worth, the aia runs well on a Samsung A13 running Android 13.

Hmmm, maybe that is it. I am running on an apple. I'll ask some people with Android and test it again. Thanks again for the help.

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@Laffy, can't you send a screenshot?

@Laffy @Confusion

you are both using the same IP address, are you the same person?

No, I’d rather not say it on the internet but we sorta know eachother, but not really.

Yes. We know eachother closely unlike @Laffy says

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