FileTools extension issues with Android 10+

If you do not want to publish in the Play Store, no additional (new) extension is required, because it is sufficient to leave the targetSdkVersion at 29 (using e.g. APK Editor Studio or an offline version of AI2).

And it will work on android 11+ :thinking:? So why are there so many user posts that can't save files to any directory in android 11 even though ai2 is set to api 29 level? It seems to me that there is such a possibility on android 10, but not on android 11+.

Actually external storage is only readable.
So those files are visible to your app as long as ai2 targets API 29.

Yes (using the File extension from @vknow360 and @Taifun).

This is because AI2 for Android 10+ redirects the path of the corresponding components (which can save something) to the ASD. However, this does not apply to the File extensions.

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I am trying to achieve that too. :sweat_smile:
I noticed some differences in assets and data path with Companion.

Hmm. I wish I had android11 yet, if I tested it myself I would understand it better :grin:

Please don't do that.
It is sufficient if you point out that it is no longer possible to save files in the root directory of the external storage or in sub-folders, since WRITE permission no longer exists for Android 11 (targetSdkVersion = 30).

What do you mean? An Android 11 device and / or an APK that targets Android 11?
Btw, I have both and I tested it, see here (read the whole thread):

I also think so, so as not to limit the reading and writing of files only to ASD. In my opinion, the extension should provide every function that google provides, even restrictive save in every directory. Who will use it - will use it, and who will not - will not.

I mean, I don't have an android 11 device. If I did, I could test it to myself, and I can only read what other people write.

That would be easier for me to implement as now I only have to fix few issues with Companion.

Exactly, just two small problems with Companion (on Android 10+).

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