File component - File.Exists does not work for files in the assets with the APK - bug

cool, thanks i try it now, i wished it was written in the documentation.

This is not a relative path, but the subfolder of the ASD and the fileName.
If you want to use a relative path you must set FileScope = Legacy.

See also here: Some basics on Android storage system

Btw, I also showed this in post #12:

yes i have read it already, but i do not know what components need what.

Rebuild my blocks and try ...

thanks, i will do that.

@Anke @Taifun thanks very much it worked.

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In this case relative means relative to the ASD folder


Yes, I understand what you meant, but that would then require another definition in addition to

  • absolutive path
  • full path and
  • relative path

which could probably overwhelm or confuse most people.

relative ASD path ?

This doesn't mean relative to the root dir of the external storage, but relative to the ASD.
Relative path basically means relative to the root dir of the external storage (/storage/emulated/0/).

Exactly :slight_smile:

Yes, we understand that, but do the users also?

I guess the problems arise when filescope is not set to App....

The relative path is the path AFTER whatever the filescope sets as the endpoint.....