FeatureCollection of points without info of title or description on AI2

Hi All, I have an issue with my blocks or something are doing wrong with the blocks and the use of map components. My App in essence read a series of data points from my Firebase realtime database and Im triying to show on the map, with a marker and the Title and Description when user hit on that marker. Each data point have his GPS Lat and Lon, and a Speed and Battery percent. Im triying to assign the speed as Title and the percent as Description of marker. As the data points number is dinamic, and change trip to trip, I assume that need to create at runtime a GeoJson and assign to a FeatureCollection block. As starting code I create a GeoJson with basic info of one point and his title and description, however, I can see the mark point on map but never his "info".

The GeoJson created for test:
"type": "FeatureCollection",
"features": [
"type": "Feature",
"properties": {
"Title": "120KM/h",
"Description": "80%"
"geometry": {
"type": "Point",
"coordinates": [

For starting code I simply paste this GeoJson code to a String and attach to a Feature from Geo Json block:

And finally if touch the Red Marker only the info of the Labeltext of the uperside obtain, nothing about Title or Description:

Did you enable the Infobox using either Blocks or the Designer Marker Properties?

Thanks for your faster answer SteveJG. No sorry dont have any marker on the Designer Marker Properties because I dont include any marker at design level. Im triying to create a batch of Markers at Run-time level. I think reading the documentation of the FeaturesFromGeoJSON block that this is the way for a dynamic creation of Markers at run-time. In the meantime I will try with the Create Marker block as you answer in this post:
Where are you supposed to plug in the featurefromdescription block?
Instead of assemble a GEOJson string need to create a list of 4-items-list and using the AnyMarker blocks to assign features, well another aproach.

But my initial assuption is wrong ? GeoJson can parse only Lat and Lon. ? not others features ?
Thanks for your time Steve,

No, I just loaded your json using the Blocks I showed. Did you try it and then enabled the Marker. You should be able to Enable the Infobox using the Any component Marker Block and a loop.

This might help FeatureCollection of POINTS not showing up as MARKERS on the map - #9 by SteveJG .

Yes, you can use other approaches; what you do depends on where the information originates.

Hi Steve, thanks for looking in to this. Yes I finally didit, following your last recomendation, like your bloks:

This works for me finally from the GEOJson string. But really after try both methods, for me is much more clear the use of Create Marker block. If can help someone here is my aproach for this last way of creating any dynamic number of markers at run-time.

The markers are created in a loop from a main list of 4-items-list, so "lat", "long", "kmh", and "percent" . The trick is catch the "component" value returned from the Create Marker block and using in the 3 next blocks of type "Any".
Thanks Steve for your help,,

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