Fast forward and backward and progress bar for mp3 player

as @Ken already mentioned, use a slider component together with the StartAt method of the player extension to start your mp3 file at the selected position



Thank you. I’m just taking the first steps, so I thought, “What if all this can be realized using a standard player, but I just don’t know how to do this?” Now I know that for this I need to use your extension.

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Hello again!
I have managed to implement the “fast forward” and “rewind” buttons. I just point StartAt + 10,000 milliseconds and -10,000 milliseconds. But I can’t make a progress bar using a slider.
Please tell me how to do this.

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Use the currentPosition and Duration blocks in combination with a clock timer (every second?) with your slider (disable thumb!)

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Every second? Oh, hell, haha ​​… It’s a pity that there is no ready-made solution. OK, I’ll try to do it on my own and as soon as I have questions, I will add this topic. I think this thread will be interesting to other people as well. Because before asking this question, I searched for information on the Internet. Usually they tell how to make a primitive mp3 player and there is no question (and an answer, respectively) about the buttons for rewinding a track and a progress bar. I hope that when the next curious person asks this question, they will get to this topic and save their time.

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Something like this?

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^^^ Nice :wink:

I would like to see a solution this way. :wink:

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I thought that is what you just did :wink:

... but not by disabling any slider.

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Yes, yes, something like this, as in any decent mp3 player, haha. So a user may quickly go to the middle of the track, listen to the beginning, go to the end and so on.
Can you show how you did it, please?

Ok, try this and if you have adapted / optimized my approach for yourself, post the result so that everyone can learn from it.

Of couse, you can also use mp3:

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Many thanks! First of all, I will try to repeat all your code and then start experimenting.

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I found a way to do everything with just one slider: display the current runtime, fast forward and rewind. Unfortunately, this is much more complicated with AI2 than with Kodular, because among other things the Slider component in AI2 has no TouchDown and TouchUp events.

So test this APK on your devices:

Since this question also arises frequently: You should also be able to pick and play mp3 files from the external (removable) SD card.


Wow! It’s great! And quite by accident, I also started trying Kodular when I came across some limitations here. No, this is not an advertisement for another service, haha.

I have already downloaded your apk. I will test it very soon. I think other people will do this as well, as this is a really important question.

I started testing the application.

  1. LDPlayer emulator (Android 4.4)
  2. ZTE Smartphone (Android 7.0)

Everything works fine for me. Dear friends, let’s help this wonderful girl. Try to test this application on your smartphones as well.


Here are the used components & extensions
(TaifunPlayer: @Taifun, SliderTools: @Ken, FileTools: @vknow360 ):

It is really a challenge to achieve this.
For something like that, Kodular has a “Daily Challenge” topic that, as far as I can remember, was opened by @Peter.

PS: I have to do more tests … also with different devices and Android versions


hello, I saw your project and I want to implement it to my mp3 player, @Anke, could you please put the links of the extensions ?, I lost looking for them, sorry

They can all be found here:


Oh, how did you do it, I've tried but it just doesn't work, and sometimes it gives me errors. help

Good @Anke
I'm making a local player and I haven't found a way to make the Slider move as it plays and when I modify its position it does so in the player. Could you help me by showing me how you did it in your application?
I am using TaifunPlayer, TaifunFile and SliderTools extensions.
Kind regards